Saturday, November 20, 2010

Aviation Industry in Malaysia

Its been a while since my last post. Been so busy because of my final exam. For those who knows me, they would know that i really wanted to become a pilot. But now as i further learned about the aviation industry, and learned what a commercial pilot does every day on their job it actually makes my spirit to be a pilot a bit down.

A captain and a co-pilot are known as the technical crew, while flight attendants are called cabin crews. The job of the technical crew are to fly the aircraft and to monitor the aircraft during flight. To select routes, to make a flight plan, and other important decision is done by OCC or Operation Control Center. So now my view of being a pilot have totally changed. The only thing that is good about being a pilot is that you can travel, fly a jumbo jet, and wear a very smart uniform.

The aviation industry in Malaysia have a lot of opportunity. Not just in passenger airline but also air cargo, MRO, general aviation, and other parts of the aviation industry.

The profits that comes out from the aviation industry are all in big numbers. For instance MASKargo, they contributed a lot in bringing high annual GDP to the country. Many more opportunity awaits all aviation enthusiast in the aviation industry.

For my self, i still want to fly but maybe only as a PPL license holder not an ATPL license holder because now i don't think it is worth it. Now I'm more into managing pilots, flight crews, ground crews, baggage handlers and so on. I hope to own my own airline or a flight academy with the knowledge i have after graduating from this Aviation Management course.

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