Sunday, July 25, 2010

A correct decision

It's only been 2 weeks in MIAT. But already there are so many assignment given. From what i learned, i am the 4th batch taking BAVM(Bachelor of Aviation Management) where the output of this programme can work in any management division in the aviation industry. This is such as engineering management, airline station management, air cargo management, airport management and so much more. Let say if i failed to get a job in the aviation industry, still i can work in the logistic industry, general management and so much more. In other words Alhamdulillah i made the right choice. Below are pictures of MIAT and some of my collegues

Me with Cessna

Sobri the future MAS CEO

Daus the future of Daus Low Cost Airline founder


  1. gile lah..
    gmbr tu mmg terbaik..

  2. I will pray all of you will success in the future.....

  3. So Mus, you are in MIAT now???
    I guess you want to further study at Flying school...

    In 2004, I also got a change to take Dip in Avionic for 3 years....but I choose to study in because at that time, MARA freeze the loan..

    Now, I already graduated from UTM in Degree but I'm not so sure to take a MARA loan for Pilot course because it's too risky...A lot of amount....I still waiting for SPA to join government...

    Mus, study hard....because it's hard to study in MIAT....hope you can handle it..InsyaAllah