Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2nd Semester in Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology

Already 2011 and already in my 2nd semester in UniKL-MIAT. Last semester was great, a lot of new experience regarding the aviation industry. Looking forward for more aviation related experience. But for this semester is simply not a joy ride. Even though my class is 3 days a week, the assignments given for a week is like assignments given for a month when i was in Electrical Engineering.

At first i thought that taking Aviation Management is easy, but then its more difficult then taking engineering subjects. This is because the subjects in Aviation Management have a lot of reading and memorizing.

Internet is essential for this course. Every student needs to be updated about what's going on in the aviation industry in Malaysia and also the world.

For this semester, my range of subjects are from law of contract to principles of economic. A lot was learned about managing the financial, human resource and etc.

Even though all the subject was hard, I'm glad to do my degree 1st then going straight for a pilot license. This is because of the recent news which states a lot of graduated cadets stranded since lack of vacancies in local air transport companies. There are even cadets which are already 2 years with a license but still don't get any job.

2011 mark the year where i turn 24 years old. I have to be a better man for my religion, nation and family. Cheers. :)


  1. Assalamualaikum Saudara Ahamd Mustaqim, maafkan saya, saya ign btanya tentang bagaimana mahu masuk dalam akademik saudara sekarang ni?? saya berminat dalam bidang penerbangan tp saya tak tau mcm mana nak ke arah tu?? saya bru hbis SPM...
    email saya

  2. assalamualaikum. lately ive been offered to take this course in miat. But i really want to go to engineering section. my question, is it possible for me to change from aviation managemnt to avionic engine? thank you.