Sunday, July 4, 2010

A step closer

Today is the day i registered as a student in the Malaysian Institute of Technology for my Degree in Aviation Management. I'm so excited about it that i can't even sleep which brought me on to write this post. As an engineering student i should further my studies in a course like avionics rite?? But to think out of the box, with a diploma in electrical engineering i should further my studies in management so that i can widen my job prospects. I really want to be a pilot, so for this course i will do my best to score a 4.0 GPA every semester. This is so that i can go to emirates aviation college in Dubai for MBAA(Master's of Business Administration in Aviation). But i will pursue this only if i can't get an ATPL license after my degree program. Nothing will get in my way from achieving my dream. Even if it will result to me not getting married or study at an old age. I will not stop believing that there is a chance for me to be a commercial airline pilot.

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