Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sailing in the ocean of life

Life is like sailing on the ocean without a navigation aid. You rely on where the winds takes you. Sometimes it will take you trough hard pounding waves and sometimes it will take you to a beautiful island with white sandy beaches. So life is an adventure, you never know what you will be facing next. Even thought the wind is an uncontrollable substance, still we are in control of the sails. No matter what happens i will not quit on trying to achieve my dreams. I will continue my journey in the sea of life to reach my desired latitude and longitude. No tsunami can take away my dreams. No storms can take away my desire. I will reach my destination someday. Even if i have to cross the entire ocean of life i will do it for the sake of my dreams.

The wait is of course stressful. But i can endure it after some months. Never give up, never surrender. I will be an airline pilot someday. I will start those beautiful RR engines. I will taxi towards the runway. I will announce takeoff to cabin crews. I will soar the sky and land safely with minimum rate of decent so that passengers wont even notice that the plane has landed. All this will happen someday. Let it take me years to reach it but i don't care. Even if my head is full of white hairs, i will reach my dream.

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