Friday, June 26, 2009

APFT interview

Well, since i want to be a pilot, i must write in english rite. So from this post onwards i will only post in english.

I was called by APFT people via a letter. I was asked to come for an interview in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. My house is in Raub which is nearer to KL then Kota Bharu. I dont know why they asked me to come to Kota Bharu when they can simply interviewed me in their HQ at PJ. Well because i really wanted to be a pilot, i gone to the interview by bus alone. It took about 6 hours or so. When i was there i stayed in a hotel infront of the airport in Kota Bharu. I cant sleep that day thinking of the interview on the next day. I stay up all nite shining my shoe for the interview.

In front of the airport

The big day has come for me, after my subuh prayer i make a hajat prayer praying that they will take me. After taking a bath, ironing my clothes i packed and checked out. After checking out i went straight to the airport. The interview was at 10 am, so to let the time pass i went for a stroll around the area of the airport.

In front of the APFT training complex

APFT fleet

I always liked fix wing over rotary..huhu

After all the walking aroung the area of the airport, i went to seat inside the airport complex. I was the 1st person to wait.

Waiting+Bored=Take picture

Near to 10am an officer from APFT came and approach me. He told me to wait a bit more cause he want to take all of the candidates inside together. When all of the candidates with their parents came. We took our passes then gone inside the terminal area.

MAS Boeing 737 parking at gate 2

Inside the APFT complex, we waited inside the briefing room. Then we were called 4 candidates at a time. When my name was called, i cant describe how bad my heart was pounding. I was the second candidate to be called inside the interviewing room. After knocking the door and give salam i entered the room with my right feet. Then the principle asked me to seat. There was two other interviewers beside the principle. 1st question by them are what do you know about flying, then i just told them about the bernoulli's principle:

Second question was what are single and twin engine aircraft, and my answers was for single engine Diamond DA40, piper warrior, Eagle. For twin engines Diamond DA42 and the Piper Seneca.The 3rd question was why do you want to be a pilot. When i say "For me to be a pilot is not just for a carrier...." the principle stopped me and sayed "Kalau saya tak suruh awak berhenti tak berhenti awak cakap nie" and then all the interviewers laughs. Lastly the principle asked how i'm going to pay for the fees and i told him from my fathers EPF. After that he said i passed the interview. I was so happy i shake all the interviewers hands.

Well thats all for this post. I'll tell about the aplitude test of APFT next.

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  1. thats was a great interview n a story of your starting life n jurney to b a pilot