Saturday, December 12, 2009


Yes and it is official..No more classes for me..I will go on my internship next semester..In wangsa maju for 4 month in a company called IBS tech..After that, sky here i come..huhu..Really looking forward to it..Just need to renew my medical class 1 cert and apply for MARA loan..

My tasks in life that not yet been completed:

1)Get CPL with IR/Frozen ATPL pilot license
2)Get AFI license
3)Get A Degree in Aviation Management or a job which ever comes first
4)Get a job with Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia
5)After retirement maybe opening my own Flying Academy

We lived only once, so live life to the fullest..Don't let other people criticism let you down..I really hate the saying you cant get what you wanted most in life..For me, if you really want something you can have anything if you just believe in your self..Believing in yourself is all you need to get what ever you want..But off course you must also pray to god..We humans just can plan, god is the one who approve or decline our proposal on how our lives going to be..

If let say MARA don't give me the loan..I will go on with my guava business..Insyaallah, if my business have grown..I will sell my business for the fees to go for flying academy..

To all who reads, please pray for me to achieve my ultimate goal in life and i pray all of you to get what ever you dream of to be in life..Thanks

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